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Honors and Awards

  • 2014, Karas Award for the Outstanding Dissertation at Iowa State University
  • 2012, Iowa State University Research Excellence Award
  • 2010, Second award in the USA graduate student competition at the Annual Meeting of Society of Engineering Sciences, Ames, IA, USA
  • 2010, NSF Grant for Society of Engineering Sciences (SES)
  • 2007, Elite student in MS in Mechanical Engineering at AUT with the GPA of 17.72/20.
  • 2006, The third rank among B.S. students of Mechanical Engineering at Amirkabir University of Technology with the GPA of 17.67/20.
  • 2006, Membership of Mechanical Engineering Olympiad Team at Amirkabir University of Technology
  • 2006, Accepted in M.S. of Solid Mechanics at Amirkabir University of Technology without entrance exam, as an elite student
  • 2001, ranked 886th among more than 400,000 students competing the university entrance exam for engineering majors

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